Design and development of a WordPress site for digital and live production specialists Really Creative Media.

The site in use

Modular pages

I built the site in a modular fashion creating a collection of reusable “blocks” which are then used to build up each page. This gives the client freedom within the CMS to build unique pages that showcase the best of each individual project.

Vimeo API integration

Video is used throughout the site, it is what Really Creative do so they have lots of it they want to showcase. Video on the web is a bit of a faff, having to render multiple versions of each video in different sizes, qualities and formats.

Thankfully there are services like Vimeo, that handle all that side of things for you. The client uploads the video as a private video on Vimeo and references the video ID number when in WordPress. Letting Vimeo handle delivering the correct video based on the device used.

The diary of a young girl, by Anne Frank

Digital Edition for iOS and nook

Deluxe Catering, Private Jet Caterers

Responsive site with online ordering