Sometimes I work with graphic designers requiring some digital work as part of a bigger project they are working on.

This little case study shows how graphic designer Kieli Bibbings and myself worked together to give Balham Nursery School and Children’s Centre a shiny new website that’s easy to maintain.

Style tiles

We used style tiles to make design decisions early on. Using something so bare-bones gives a designer freedom to explore and sketch out ideas quickly. They are also a great way to clearly demonstrate ideas when presenting to the client without including too many details that would otherwise cause distractions.

Designing in the browser

CodePen was used to quickly build working versions of Kieli’s designs that we could play with and test on our devices. In a similar way to the style tiles, CodePen is a distraction free way for us to focus on how a single element works and reacts across different browsers and devices.

Clean and simple content management system

WordPress might be the most popular CMS out there, but it is not always the best choice for every website. For this project we used Kirby which has a very clean and easy to use CMS.

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