I'm Sam, a Freelance Web Designer & Developer who has been making things appear on screens for 20 years.

Specialising in delivering bespoke online solutions and providing general digital knowhow to small (and sometimes not so small) businesses and individuals.

Which is a long drawn out way to say... I make websites

What kind of sites you ask? all sorts of sites I say, sites that do super things, including:

  • product launches
  • eccommerce
  • event booking
  • online brochures
  • bars and restaurant
  • online communities

If you have a particular project you have in mind, email me or better yet call me as usually five minutes on the phone is the quicker and easier way to find more about each other.

New site is on the way*

In the meantime contact me and I will send you over examples of my work

*because the two hardest things in web development are naming things, and designing your own website